SamatheyLamps and other Creations

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Samathey Biography


How came to you the taste, the envy for the creation ?

By my mother at first who made the Beaux arts School and a childhood travelling in several countries to follow my father naval officer.

Do you work alone ? Control from start to finish ?

I work alone, but sometimes I associate some other know how, as the porcelain for example for the work of sea urchins.

Do you accept to work to order ?

Yes. It is moreover often very pleasant, because it is the customer who by his requirement urges you to surpass yourselves or to discover new ideas.

Caricature of Ph. Diemunsch

Your message ?

I don’t have any. My only ambition is to propose creations full of poetry, where we feel the influence of my taste for the sea and its depths. I also try to leave a part important for the nature in what she has of systematically unique and to confront her with the cold but brilliant solidity of the steel.