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A Mediterranean stopover

L’Oursimiere was born out of a desire to create a unique gift for a loved one. I had previously found remnants of some hull sea urchins in a Mediterranean creek that sparked my initial idea to enlighten them from within the shell. This project provided me with the opportunity to incorporate my newly acquired skills in steelwork to bring out the beauty in the fine lace of the sea urchins. The end result was a sea urchins lamp, an Oursimiere which I installed at home while waiting for to offer it.

One of first prototype of Oursimière

What began as an idea for a special gift has essentially turned into a craze for the design, bringing with it a demand to create additional pieces that capture the beauty of the sea urchin when combined with light and other materials. With the help of “Atelier d’Art de France” who allowed me to present my creation at the “Maison & Object” trade show, I was able to reach a wider audience and have taken orders from all over the world. My latest model of L’Oursimiere takes into consideration viewer’s feedback on previous creations and my own experiences.